Merry Christmas & a happy new year!

Lean Tech julehilsen 2019

Lean Tech wish you a peaceful Christmas holiday, and a happy New Year!

Christmas greeting with video has become a tradition in Lean Tech. As you can see from the picture, Santa appears in this year's Christmas greeting too. In previous greetings, Santa received advise for working smarter and simplify.

This time, Lean Tech need help to find a Christmas gift for those who have it all. It is also desirable that the Christmas gift has little transportation and is sustainable.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Utfordre etablerte sannheterLean Tech wish you a joyful Christmas holiday, and a happy New Year!

Using video for Christmas greeting has become a tradition at Lean Tech. This is the 4th year. In case you wondered: Santa is starring in this video too, just like last year.

Can Santa get help by Lean Six Sigma to solve the rootcause and challenge established truths?


Work smarter not harder

Work smarter not harder

Do you enjoy the summer? And your holiday?

I have spent my holiday in Norway enjoying our beautiful country and made a summer greeting for you (texted in English). It is about "Working smarter not harder".

To work smarter, it's important to take breaks. Pauses give time for reflection and to see with new eyes.

Summer vacation can give you the break you need to see new solutions and opportunities.


What do Easter crime, A3 and problem solving have in common?

Happy easterAre you watching or reading a crime novel during Easter?

In Norway this is an Easter tradition, and my family is watching at least one crime serie during Easter.

Who can solve the crime first? Who is the murderer? What is the motive? Or the root cause? 

Maybe an A3 can help you solve this year's Easter crime on television?




I will share a story that Vibeke Holtskog shared with me. Simply because it hit me. Perhaps it will hit you too:

A man was driving on the countryside and suddenly did not know where he was. The peaks on both sides of the road looked the same, and the road he would turn to the right never revealed. In frustration, he found his mobile phone to check the map. Concentrating on the map, he suddenly drove off the road and ended up in the ditch.

Even though he got unharmed from the incident, his car was well down the ditch, and it was impossible for him to get it on the road again without help.


Farsightedness made good flow

Farsightedness made good flow

This autumn I participated with my partner Trond, at an adventure race: Challenge 40.

The concept is to earn the most points during the 4 hours race, by finding spots marked on the map. The various spots give different points, and some involve activities like swimming, obstacle race, canoeing, climbing, shooting, orientation, athletics, etc.

Overall, 40 spots are marked on the map, and the team must decide a strategy of which spots to go for. If you spend longer than 4 hours, you lose points you earned...


Good flow gave world record

Good flowI am impressed by the flow at Espa Bolleland, a Norwegian gas station 90 km north of Oslo.

Espa bolleland is a natural stopover for us when we drive to our cabin. We can get freshly baked buns, coffee and a toilet visit if needed. We are not alone: lots of cars passing by, choose to stop here.

What's so amazing with Espa bolleland, is that besides all their visitors, you experience a good flow. They have people guiding the traffic in and out. The delivery of buns and coffee is done in a moment. Even toilet visits go relatively fast even at crowded days.


Lean thinking

lean gårdsdrift


It's fun to hear about people and businesses that succeed using Lean and Six Sigma. They practice the tools because of the value.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting a former colleague, Iver Frøsli, who combines a full-time job with farming.

He has about 120 sheep in total: 70 of them are lambs. To save time, Iver practice Lean at his farm. This means he removed time-thieves, performs standardized work and asks "Does this increase value?" when performing activities.



rsz 1takknemlighetIt's the end of November and many people are celebrating Thanksgiving. For me November is a milestone because I started my company Lean Tech, 3 years ago in November.

Statistics show that 70% of new businesses in Norway do not survive the first 5 years. I am both proud and grateful that my company has survived so far.

I have a lot to be grateful about: Customers who have shown me trust, partners who have included me and had faith in me, trainers who have inspired me and taught me new fields, not to mention those who have cheered along my way.


What will you master today?


During a trip with Lillomarka orienteringslag, I secured children who climbed up a 10-m high outdoor wall.

A challenge for many of them.

Some came up on the first try, others had to give up because of fear or other reasons.

It was incredibly fun to watch the sense of mastery children experienced when they reached the top. Especially those who did not reach the top on their first attempt. Those who gave up during the first day, but came back the next day with determination in their eyes: “This time I will make it!"



You always have options

You-always-have-optionsBy chance I came across an old article during Christmas. The story gave me a reminder of making good choises, and I believe it is a good start for the new year. Here it is: 

Magne is always in a good mood. He is positive and a natural motivator. If a colleague have a bad day, Magne helps them to see the positive in the situation. One of his colleagues were curious about how he always managed to be this way, and asked him straight forward.

"Every morning I tell myself that you have two choices today. You can choose to be in a good mood or you can choose to be in a bad mood. I choose to be in a good mood.


Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Merry Christmas

Lean Tech wish you a peaceful Christmas holiday, and a happy new year!

Christmas time is a nice time to think back at the past year and set some goals for next year. I am excited about the online training I am launching next year. I hope to see enthusiastic participants at my courses!

I hope you have made some goals for next year that motivates you, and I wish you all the best in accomplishing your goals.



«Sharing is caring»

sharing-is-caring-webdesignThis expression gave a new meaning to me when I suddenly received more than 100 comments at my blog, with a lot of positive feedback. Wow! When readers share their thoughts, it gives a lot of motivation and direction for my new articles. Thank you:-)

I notice several readers have question about my web design, so this blog article are for those of you that are interested in this subject.

When I started my own company November 2013, I knew nothing about web design. Because a friend recommended Joomla, I decided to go for this instead of WordPress (sometimes I have doubted this choice because I found Joomla rather complex, having no previous web design or programming experience…).


Asking questions

RussellI saw a show with Ian Russell, and I found it inspiring and informative. He is excellent at asking questions and interact with his audience, while teaching science. He made some good points I will share here.

He talks about how children are curious and asks questions, while grown-ups tend not to. Why is that? Why do we stop questioning things? Ian encourages us to become more curious of our surroundings, to ask questions and to investigate. I am sure a lot of the kids watching his show, started their own experiments when they got home. Mine did.

What about us grown-ups? Most of the grown-ups on the show were there because of their children. They did not want to raise their hands and share their opinion when Russell asked question.



motivationI signed up for Axtri, Aurland Extreme triathlon that takes place 8.15.2015. The triathlon consists of 1900 m swimming in the fjord, 98 km cycling with a total elevation gain of 3050 m and 21 km running with 1100 m elevation gain.

Normally I find such challenges exciting, and that is why I signed up for this almost a year ago. However, this time I experience a lack of motivation. I do not look forward to swim in the cold water, which probably has a record low temperature with the late snow melting and this year’s cold summer. Why should I expose myself to this? I have not prepared myself very well either. I know I can get into my 8-year-old wetsuit, but otherwise I cannot brag about my swimming preparations. Five swimming sessions this year. Will it be enough I wonder?


Overcoming fear

overcoming fear

I went to Oslo Summer Park together with my oldest son, where you can climb trees, experience different elements, and challenge yourself. There are several routes with different level of difficulty, where you climb, balance, use zip lines and rope, while being secured with harness, slings and carabiners. After trying several routes, we discovered someone doing the "Tigerspranget", meaning "Tiger Leap". It is a 25 m high pole with a platform on top, where you can jump out while being secured. It looked very exciting!

My son and I decided to try. We had nothing to lose. It was not dangerous, and we like new challenges. 


Haste makes waste

Allow time for reflection!!

reflectionVibeke Holtskog and her stories inspires me. This story is from her, and I want to share it:

Once upon a time, a woodcutter applied for a job at a timber company. Because he was both strong and eager, he got the job right away. Payment and working conditions were very good, and the woodcutter decided to do his very best in his new job. His boss gave him a brand-new axe and showed him the area where he was to fell trees.

He went out at once to start his assignment, and already the first day he fell 18 trees!

"Congratulations," said the boss and smiled contentedly. "Keep it up!"



Presence is the key to discover opportunities!

presenceIn Washington, DC , at a Metro Station, on a cold January morning in 2007, a man with a violin played six Bach pieces for about 45 minutes. During that time, people went through the station, most of them on their way to work.  After about 3 minutes, a middle-aged man noticed that there was a musician playing.  He slowed his pace and stopped for a few seconds, and then he hurried on to meet his schedule. 

About 4 minutes later the violinist received his first dollar. A woman threw money in the hat and, without stopping, continued to walk.

At 6 minutes, a young man leaned against the wall to listen to him, then looked at his watch and started to walk again. 


Seize opportunities

Achieve continuous improvement by grasping opportunities!

possibilitiesHave you missed opportunities because you were not aware of them? It takes courage to defy the fear of doing something new or introduce a change, but by focusing on what you can accomplish it is easier to overcome fear. By thinking through what you have to fear or lose, you will often find that the fear is groundless.

You have to switch OFF your autopilot, which says NO to what you do not know enough about, causing missed opportunities. Instead, ask question and be curious! Once you have enough information, it is easier to make a correct choice.

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