Are meetings stealing your time?


Have you been to a meeting, and questioned the value of the meeting afterwards?

Maybe the meeting was relevant to some of the participants, but not to all of them?

Poor preparation may also cause the meetings to last longer.

Discussions outside the scope of the meeting may be another reason for inefficient meetings.

Implementing meeting rules can improve meeting effectivness. 



How much is your time worth?

time-managementWhat do you do to ensure you spend your time right?

How do you evaluate, plan and improve your time management?

My motivation for being self-employed is the freedom it gives me. The freedom of managing time as I like. 

It is easy to skip registering non-paid hours: activities that are not invoiced to customers. You have the freedom not to. However, it makes it hard to remember back how you spend time. It is difficult to evaluate, plan and improve.

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