Bruno Pesec

Bruno Pešec

Bruno Pešec is the rare innovator who can claim that he's worked on a regulation-defying freight train and an award-winning board game.

In addition to his corporate experience with brands like DNV GL, DNB, and Kongsberg, he runs a community of entrepreneurs of several thousand members.

Together, we combine the best practices from quality and innovation to help you succeed.

Janne Kolstad Fryddeg

Janne Kolstad

It is challenging to create lasting results. It requires teamwork and a culture that successfully adopt changes. Janne Kolstad is coach and trainer within Change Management running the company Fryddeg.

We collaborate on courses and help you succeed with improvements.

Lotte Thori

Lotte Thori Løvstad

The use of design and visual expression can simplify your message and help the customer remember you.

Lotte Thori Løvstad is an experienced graphic designer and an authorized member of Grafill. She has worked extensively with logo and identity design in addition to illustration, magazine design, packaging design and web design.

Lotte has designed the logo, visual identity and infographic for Lean Tech.



Sigma XL

To do Hypothesis testing, Experimental design, Control Chart and Multivariable analyzes, statistical tools such as SigmaXL, JMP or Minitab are preferred. The tool we use during training is dependent on the customers preference and need. Lean Tech has a partnership agreement with Sigma XL. Sigma XL is a less expensive solution than JMP and Minitab and covers the need for statistical analyzes during Lean Techs training.




Lean Tech is partner with Aksena, offering their e-learning and collaborating with them do deliver training and consultancy. Aksenas e-learning helps you improve performance and build culture. Managers and employees should have more than just basic knowledge about methods and tools for targeted business improvements. Animated eLearning makes this possible in an engaging and effective way.