GreenBelt LeanSixSigma

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

This Green Belt training teach you how to lead successful projects and develop your problem-solving skills.

Lean Tech offers the following training with certification:

  • Green Belt online course (32 h), available until July 1st, 3.900 NOK
  • Green Belt online course (16 h), available July 1st, 3.900 NOK
  • Green Belt online course (16 h), 5 web meetings of 2 h and 4 h coaching, 14.500 NOK
  • Green Belt online course (16 h) in combination with 4 days classroom training, 19.850 NOK

The course content is the same for all courses. The course provides 32 PDUs at Project Management Institutes (PMI) and 3.2 CEUs by International Certification Standard IACET.

This course enables you to:

  • Select the right projects
  • Define the problem that needs to be solved
  • Measure the current problem and baseline the process
  • Analyze the process and identify the cause of the problem
  • Improve the process by implementing and verifying the best solution
  • Control the new process by maintaining the solution

Course content


  • Overview of Lean Six Sigma
  • Cost of poor quality - COPQ
  • Reduce variation
  • 8 wastes
  • Lean Six Sigma roles (White, Yellow, Green, Black & Master Black belts, Champion)
  • PDCA & DMAIC overview
  • Project selection (guidelines, challenges, questions to ask, filtering opportunities)

Define phase - understand problem

  • Project charter & Thought Map
  • Voice of the customer - VOC (internal & external - clarify requirements)
  • Process mapping:
    • Process Walk
    • High-level process map
    • Value Stream Map (VSM)
    • Swimlane & Spaghetti map
  • Project communication (plan, A3, Stakeholder analysis, meeting productivity)
  • Conclusions 

Measure phase - map current situation

  • Select relevant Measures
  • Data types (discrete & continuous)
  • Operational definition
  • Stratification Factors)
  • Data collection (Check Sheet, occurence, sampling, bias)
  • Measurement System Analysis - MSA (repeatability, reproducibility, accuracy, precision)
  • Baseline data
  • Conclusions (Project Storyboard, challenges, checklist & deliverables)

Analyze phase - prove root causes

  • Conduct Process analysis 
  • Graphical analysis
    • Histogram and basic statistics
    • Pie & Bar charts
    • Pareto chart
    • Run chart
    • Box plot
  • Brainstorm root causes 
  • Develop root cause Hypotheses
  • Validate root cause Hypothesis (observation, data collection, graphical analysis, correlation)
  • Conclusions (Project Storyboard, challenges, checklist & deliverables)

Improve phase - solve root causes 

  • Decide team members
  • Craft solutions 
  • Lean improvement principles
  • Single-piece flow vs. batching
  • Changeover reduction (SMED)
  • Work cell design
  • Work balancing & Demand leveling
  • Cross-Training & Parallel Processing
  • Kanbans & Just-in-time
  • Standard Work & 5S
  • Future state map
  • Filter solutions (Priority Matrixes)
  • Conduct risk management 
  • Determine Solution approach 
  • Conclusions 

Control - create lasting results

  • Create Monitoring plans
    • Control charts for key measures
    • 5S assessment
  • Develop Response plans
  • Quantify effects
  • Document the Project
    • Project Storyboard
    • Procedures
    • Transition to Process owner
  • Pursue perfection
    • Innovation transfer
    • Change management
    • Continuous improvement
  • Conclusions



classroom training
Classroom training

You will practice what you learn. The instructor will guide & support you. 

4 days of classroom:

  • 1 h start-up meeting
  • 2 sessions of 2 days 

8 days of classroom:

  • 2 sessions of 4 days 
web meeting
Web meetings

You learn by practical exercises and interacting with the instructor and the other participants.

We use Teams (or similar solution) for the web meetings and solve tasks individually or in groups.

The training with web meetings include 5 meetings of 2 hours.


You get help and support based on your needs.

2 hours 1 to 1 coaching is agreed with the instructor during the period the online meetings take place.

2 group coaching of 1 hour respectively 1 and 2 months after the last web meeting.

online training
Online training

The online training is in English, delivered by GoLeanSixSigma.

You have access to the course and certification for a year (unlimited re-takes on exam).



Classroom training, web meetings and coaching can be held in Norwegian or English. Inform about your preference upon registration.

lego game

During classroom training we will practice Lean Six Sigma by playing a Lego game. The Lego game was developed by John Bicheno at the Lean Enterprise Research Center at Cardiff Business School, and later developed by Joakim Hillberg at Revere in Sweden.

The game is used by companies, universities and consultants in several countries to provide practical experience and understanding of Lean Six Sigma principles.

We also use other types of games and exercises to practice theory. The Galton board is used to understand statistical concepts and control charts. 

online training Online Training

GoLeanSixSigma delivers online training developed by highly successful Lean Six Sigma consultants and trainers with broad international experience.

GoLeanSixSigma's learning methods focus on practical application, not just "knowing the concepts and tools" - enabling course participants to start using Lean Six Sigma right away.

> 220,000 participants from 220 countries have participated so far. They have given the training the highest score.

Participants describe the courses as fun, accessible, affordable, practical, easy to understand and effective.

Practical exercises

Galton board


Galton board is used during the training for basic understanding of statistics, and practical exercises.

Bonus content

  • Template Toolkit (value $49)
  • Guide to DMAIC ($14)
  • Lean Six Sigma Glossary ($12)
  • eBook: The Problem-Solver’s Toolkit ($9)  


To become certified Green Belt, you must pass the 130-question exam.

The content is divided into 6 sections (Introduction, Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve & Control) and you must answer 80% of the questions within each section correctly.

You have 4 hours to complete the exam and unlimited number of attempts. 

greenbelt certification

Certification can be customized based on your company's need. 

Practical information

The course is arranged on request from companies with 6-15 participants. Courses can be tailored to your business needs, and your own data can be used in examples and assignments. 

Open courses are arranged according to the course calendar. 

Online course & online course with coaching can be started whenever you want. 

Lunch, refreshments and drinks during classroom training are included, and you receive a course certificate upon completion.


Classroom training is organized at the locations Lean Tech disposes at Lillestrøm (Svelleveien 33). Good access to parking spaces. It's 2 km from Lillestrøm train station.

Lean Tech has an agreement with Thon hotels and can set up courses elsewhere if needed. It is also possible to arrange business courses at the Company's location.



Instructor Sissel Pedersen Lundeby is IASSC (International association for Six Sigma certification) accredited trainer associate (only-one in Norway per August 2019):

"This accreditation publically reflects that you have met the standards established by IASSC such that those who participate in a training program led by you can expect to receive an acceptable level of knowledge transfer consistent with the Lean Six Sigma belt Bodies of Knowledge as established by IASSC."

Sissel has a Master in Chemical Engineering from NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and 20 year's experience within manufacturing and environmental technology. In 2002 she started working at a US company where she was introduced to Six Sigma and completed her Black Belt certification. In 2017, she was also certified Black Belt through IASSC.

Sissel has positive experience using Lean Six Sigma to improve and focuses on measurable results. The courses use practical, recognizable examples and communicate Lean Six Sigma in a way that is easy to understand.


"Inspiring, professionally competent, popularize a theoretical discipline"

Espen Fjeld, Commercial Director at Berendsen

"Academic highly skilled and clear performance. Fun and builds trust"

Jon Sørensen, Production Manager at Berendsen

"10/10 good at reaching everyone"

Erlend Stene, Sales leader at Berendsen

"Clear and well presented. Good at asking questions and listen (check understanding)"

Morten Bodding, Production Manager at Berendsen

"Made a difference, engaged and skilled" - Participant from EWOS

"You are inspiring, positive and professionally skilled" - Participant from EWOS

Anonymous feedback:

"Clear presentations and well explained"

"I thought it was very rich, with good examples that made me reflect"


  • daryl powell"I was very impressed with Sissel's Lean Six Sigma knowledge. She makes it easy to identify improvements and create results"
    - Daryl Powell, Research Manager, Sintef ManufacturingValue stream mapping
  • eivindwilloch.original"Sissel has proven herself as a competent and committed employee. She has been an important contributor to make good progress in the projects she has worked with. At the same time she is accurate and has good quality of the work she performs."
    - Eivind Willoch, Project Manager, Cambi AS lean engineering
  • benchmarking"We are very happy with the work carried out. We was not very clear what the order was, but with your background and expertise the outcome was what we were looking for and a document we will benefit from in the future"
    - Roger Søråsdekkan, Site Leader at Allnex, Norwaybenchmarking
  • kjelleven rez"We hired Lean Tech to develop monitoring program for air emission. The assignment was delivered with the correct content at the right time. Recommended." monitoring program
    - Kjell Even Misfjord, SHE manager at Allnex, Norway  
  • rsz 1thomasløvik"Sissels ability to quickly understand the issue, as well as her commitment and expertise is impressive. Her analytical and thorough contribution to our monitoring program has been precise and targeted, and very educational. " monitoring program
    - Thomas Løvik, HSEQ advisor at TWMA, Norway
  • Joakim Holm Hansen"Very nice and professional service. Delivered a good job within deadlines" verdistrømsanalyse
    - Joakim Holm-Hansen, Plant Manager at Solenis, Norway
  • Feedback from course participants:
    "Inspiring, professionally competent, popularize a theoretical discipline."
    "Made a difference, engaged and skilled."
    "Academic highly skilled and clear performance. Fun and builds trust."
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